Aztec and Maya Tour

Your first stop is Mexico's vibrant capital, Mexico City.
You will fly to the Yucatán Peninsula, landing in the charming city of Mérida.
You will stay in Mérida, home to a rich collection of colonial architecture.
Journey to the Caribbean coast, where you can round off your holiday relaxing on the beach in Cancún or Riviera Maya.

Aztec and Maya Tour: An Unforgettable Trip Through Time


The Aztec and Maya tour has been expertly-crafted to provide a comprehensive overview of Mexico in just one week. With the primary focus on the Aztec and Maya peoples, you’ll visit some of the most awe-inspiring Mesoamerican sites still standing today. The itinerary includes the cities of Mérida and Mexico City, home to ornate colonial structures, and the picturesque oasis of Celustún. After a week of touring, you have the option of unwinding on one of Mexico’s famed Caribbean beaches in Cancún or Riviera Maya.

Highlights include Zócalo, Chichén Itzá and Uxmal.



Both hotels included in your itinerary have been specially selected for the high service standards with which they operate, their quality facilities and their excellent location. You can unwind in the comfort of your room after a busy day of sightseeing or head out and explore the local hotspots. Every evening of the tour is at leisure,

All accommodation arrangements included in the itinerary are provisional. Please bear in mind that no specific hotel is guaranteed. If we are unable to secure a mentioned hotel, you will stay in accommodation of the same or a better standard. 



The itinerary has been designed to include a diverse selection of activities and excursions, while leaving ample time for rest and relaxation. Explore history-rich plazas, climb towering pyramids, admire astounding artworks and observe flamingo colonies - all in just one week. We recommend extending your stay in Mexico with a spell on one of the country’s famed beach resorts.

Activities are shared with other clients. Transfers are private. 

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Tour (Shared Activities)

  • Hotel Casa Blanca and Del Gobernador Hotel
  • Mexico City, Mérida and Cancún or Riviera Maya
  • Tour (Shared Activities)
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