Nature Lover's Colombia

The rest of the day will be spent at leisure in bustling Bogotá.
Tour Colombia's vibrant capital city.
Hike around sacred lakes and admire the vast variety of flora and fauna.
Fly into the Amazon rainforest.
Enjoy your jungle cabin and go for a guided night walk to observe nocturnal wildlife.
Journey along the Amazon River to Peru, where you'll spend the day and night at Marasha Nature Reserve.
Back on the river, you'll visit an indigenous community, idyllic Amazon village and the Tarapoto Lakes to spot pink dolphins.
Stop for spot of shopping before your flight.
Fly to Colombia's Caribbean coast via Bogotá.
Cruise along a dessert road to the beautiful seaside of Punta Gallinas.
Pass through more desert landscapes to Cabo de la Vela.
Head to the stunning Tayrona National Park, stopping in Colombia's indigenous capital.
Relax on one of the picturesque beaches or go for a hike.
Visit one of the indigenous communities that live in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.
Stroll through the beautiful village of Minca and a nearby coffee farm.
Journey along the Caribbean Coast to Cartagena.
Wander Catagena's charming colonial streets and take a boat tour through mangroves.

Nature Lover's Colombia: Get to Know this Unique Nation


Palms, peaks and much more – Colombia is a nature lover’s dream destination. This two-week itinerary provides the opportunity to immerse yourself in Colombia’s rich natural offering, experiencing its most spectacular landscapes and visiting the people who call them home. Colombia’s bustling capital, Bogotá, and colonial gem, Cartagena, are also included in the itinerary for the complete Colombia package. We take care of the transfers and accommodation, so you can enjoy extraordinary off-the-beaten track destinations without the hassle of tracking them down. You’ll also have English-speaking guides on hand to answer questions and provide information, further enriching your experience.

Highlights include Marasha Reserve, Tayrona National Park and visiting an indigenous family in the Santa Nevada de Santa Marta.  



Accommodation is an essential part of the Nature Lover’s Colombia experience. Unwind in your modern and spacious room after a day of sightseeing in the city, swing in a hammock after a dip in the Caribbean Sea and retire your cosy jungle cabin after a night-walk through the rainforest. Falling asleep to the sounds of the Amazon is a highlight for many of our clients.

Accommodation is subject to availability. If a listed hotel is fully booked, alternate accommodation will be booked within the same hotel category without surcharge/reduction. If no hotel in same category available, we reserve the right to apply a surcharge for any higher category or a reduction for any lower category.



The Nature Lover’s Colombia itinerary has been carefully crafted by our team of travel specialists to give an in-depth insight into Colombia’s natural world as well as its rich culture and history. We’ve also ensured that there’s plenty of time to relax and unwind and that you won’t spent large chunks of your trip in the car – after all, you’re on holiday. Activities are diverse, exciting and unforgettable: trek through national parks, search for caiman crocodiles, browse local markets, sunbathe on sandy beaches, admire ancient ruins and learn the secrets behind a perfect cup of coffee.

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  • Hotel Casa Deco, Reserva Natural Tanimboca, Reserva Natural Marasha, Hotel Casa Selva, Hotel Gimaura, Rancheria Punta Gallinas, Racheria Cabo de la Vela, Finca La Jorara and Hotel Don Pedro Heredia
  • Bogotá, Leticia, Puerto Alegria (Peru), Puerto Nariño, Riohacha, Punta Gallinas, Cabo de la Vela, Santa Marta and Cartagena
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